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Free calls

Make free calls to anywhere in India absolutely free.
Fcall.in is India's first free calling website

Free sms

Send unlimited SMS to anywhere in
India for free and get 4 paisa for each

Free Recharge

Earn free recharge by sending sms,
playing Quiz, True False quest, Poll etc.

Highest paying

  • You can Earn Rs.5 Daily
  • Get 3 paisa for each quiz
  • Get 3 paisa for each True/False quest
  • Get 2 paisa for each sms you send
  • Get 1 paisa for each poll

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More Info about Fcall

Fcall.in provides free call, free sms and free recharge
  • You can make call to anywhere in India
  • Call are free of cost. mean you have to not pay any penny
  • Crystal clear voice
  • You can send 460 chars Free SMS to anywhere in India
  • You can earn Free online Recharge by following ways
  • You can send 25 SMS and earn daily.
  • You will get 2 paisa for each.
  • You can play 25 Quiz Questions daily.
  • You will get 3 paisa for each.
  • You can play 25 True or False questions daily.
  • You will get 3 paisa for each.
  • You can play 50 poll questions daily.
  • You will get 1 paisa for each.
  • Do not use Fcall from unauthorized applications or any third party aplication. As this will nullify balance
  • Do not use automated tricks to play any quiz or poll. As this will nullify balance
About Fcall

What is fcall?

fcall is a site that gives you free calling with free recharge and bulk sms

Are free calling from fcall really free or any catch like other voip providers or other that says free calling website and charge for call service Later??

YES. You won't be charged for anything. Calls are sponsored by our donors and advertisers.
Unlike other free call service fcall will be free forever!!!

Are there any limits when using the services on fcall like free calling trial?

Yes. To avoid unfair practices and frauds all activities are limited by Mobile number or IP address or other criteria by fcall. we use other criteria which is used by other free calling website in india

Do I need to register to make calls to anywhere in India via fcall?

Yes. You need to register. You have to register with fcall to avail its services. You have to provide information like mobile number which will act as your username and other information asked in registration form.

Do any fcall charge me something for registration?

No. Registration is absolutely free on fcall. so voip calls

What about call Quality?

We use best voip solution of bussiness voip grade line with voip hosted over cloud. which makes us best voip provider

Do my account can get terminated if I provide wrong registration information?

Yes. Your account will be terminated with/without prior notice if we get any wrong information.

I like your site very much. I can make free unlimited calls How can I help?

That's great! It's always nice to hear something like this.You can help us by spreading a good word about fcall, like us on Facebook page, clicking on Gplus button and by sending invitation to your friends

I received a threating message via fcall What should I do?

Please check if one of your friends isn’t playing a prank on you. If the messages are serious, you should contact us and we'll work it out with you directly. We can put your number into our blacklist. It will block your number for our services so no one can send messages or call you via our site.

I've just received a message with information that I've won something. Is it true?

No, we don't organize any contests or lotteries.

Do I need some additional hardware like microphone etc to do to call via fcall?

Nothing.To call via fcall you don't need to have a microphone, headphones or speakers and Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or additional other softwares or hardware. We use call back method to connect you to destination mobile which costlier than other services and best voip servers and also reliable for countries like India in which people can't afford additional hardware.

How long can I talk/call via fcall?

You may talk upto 4 minutes or when you or connected person disconnects call whichever first. we use voip telephone systems

what is voip?

VoIP is an acronym for "Voice over Internet Protocol". That means using the Internet to transmit voice. there are not much voip providers india

What is Callback?

In telecommunications, a callback (also written as call-back in voip phone system) occurs when the originator of a call is immediately called back in a second call as a response.
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Can I Really send bulk free sms of 460 chars?

Yes, You can send full 460 chars bulk sms with fcall for free

Can I send bulk sms india in Multilingual languages like Hindi, Urdu, Bengali etc in .

Yes, You can send sms in different languages of business sms type.

Do SMS sending is fast like other bulk sms services out there

Your SMS will be delivered with in 5 seconds of sent to sms to mobile.Guaranteed !!

Do you provide sms services for business

We also provide bulk sms services in india

What is prepaid mobile free recharge ?

It is concept of recharging mobile online for free by doing various actions

How can I earn mobile phone recharge on fcall.

Free Mobile Recharge is new feature on fcall.in you can earn free recharge in follwing ways :

  • Invite friends : You will get Rs.1 and upto Rs.5 for each referral
  • Play Quiz : You can earn 3 paisa for each quiz you attempt
  • Play True/False questions : You can earn 3 paisa for each True/False question you attempt
  • send SMS : You can earn 2 paisa for each SMS you send
  • Play Poll: You can earn 1 paisa for each poll. Also you will get 20 paisa for 4 questions you submit

When I will get paid?

You can recharge mobile phone instantly when you reach Rs.10

I invited my friend but not got paid incentive or any pre paid

You will get incentive when your friend plays upto 20 polls.
This practice is use by every free recharge website to curb misuse and fake accounts

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Free Call

  • First website to provide free calling
  • Make free calls to anywhere in india
  • Crystal clear voice
  • No waiting in queues
  • Make calls VOIP calls of upto 4 minutes
  • 120 seconds of free calling daily
  • Best call quality. Guaranteed
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Free SMS

  • Send free SMS to anywhere in India
  • We are only website to provide 460 charactrer SMS now
  • Don't about character limitations now in free SMS !!
  • Exceptionally fast delivery of SMS
  • We deliver your messages to all the mobile operators and all networks
  • Most SMS are delivered in 3-5seconds
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Free Recharge

  • We provide highest free recharge with easy ways of earnings
  • Get free online recharge by doing fun things like :
    • Sending SMS
    • Playing Quiz
    • Playing True or False Questions
    • Playing Polls
    • Inviting Friends
    • And much more to get easy recharge